I’m sure the only reason why you clicked on this blog link was because of the title as it seemed a bit strange, I too would be curious. Why would a Mortgage Expert publish a blog about BEER, BIKES and MORTGAGES! Simple, all 3 share a common thread with me…they all interest me for various different reasons and plus I felt the need to spice up my website content. Now that you are here, it’s my job to keep you reading until the end. I was tired of writing about the norm; comparing mortgage products, saving thousands of dollars, the dos and don’ts of… and ‘this’ vs ‘that.’ So here in lies the blog I started writing a few months back that covers BEER, mountain BIKE(ing) and MORTGAGE financing. They have each intertwined themselves into my life and really do go hand in hand…or hand to mouth as one might say. Bear with me, if you do stick around to the end, I will connect the dots.

For me, all three are gratifying on an individual levels. Once you have acquired a taste for beer, tasting a new beer for the first time is exciting; will I enjoy it or not? How visually captivating is the packaging? What lasting memory will be connected as beer is usually enjoyed in a social setting. Riding bikes provides me with a platform for exploration, something I have loved since childhood. Setting my tires into to uncharted dirt instantly provokes an unwipeable smile on my face as I navigate each and every corner of the unknown. Needless to say I’ve had a few social beers after riding numerous bike trails across this fine province of ours. The Mortgage financing industry is very similar to the riding uncharted territory and enjoying a new flavor of beer, as I never know when or from where I will receive my next client referral. With every new client comes a new challenge of uncharted territory; no mortgage or scenario is the same as the previous one. I have to gather all the clients intel and to compile their data which will enable me to structure their mortgage application accordingly. While at the same time listening to their needs and wants so that they can attain their goals while pursuing a certain lifestyle. Much like riding bikes, we have to react quickly to what is around the next corner. Being a expert mortgage consultant requires the same tactic as we react to the marketplace on a daily basis.


To address ‘the elephant in the room’…NO, I don’t drink excessive amounts of beer. I do however like to try various flavors, especially nowadays with the whole craft beer scene upon us in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We as consumers have been able to step away from the ‘big-box’ tasteless beers into something way more palatable. I’m sure we will soon see restauranteurs pairing beer with meals, just like the wine industry does so well. I once asked a friend ‘what’ beer I could grab him from the fridge, his response was, “cold,” that has since stuck with as there is nothing better that a cold beer. As I am not here to shame or promote brands, I must say there are a few exceptions to that rule.

Another trait that three topics share are the huge choice of options within each space. There are thousands of different beer brands with each producing several within. How is one supposed to choose, as not all beers are going to be liked by every taste bud. It’s a good thing the providers have come up with tasting flights. This is a way to try multiple flavors of the same brand. The same issue comes with buying a bike, which brand? Which model, as each model caters to a different type of discipline in the world of mountain biking. Not every bike engineered will suite every riders personal riding style. For me it is easy, I have a friend who spends thousands of dollars on bikes each year and countless hours reading forums and articles about bikes; whatever he does…I do as we enjoy the same type of riding! I guess I need to buy the Santa Cruz Nomad (OK, there my one shameless plug). For now I’m stuck with 1 bike that does everything well, kinda like a variable rate mortgage. I call it my Swiss Army knife of bikes, it climbs and descends like a dream.


Being a mortgage expert I have access to countless different lenders that cover endless mortgage scenarios and solutions. First and foremost I educate myself on the wants and needs of the client, then advise. All mortgage consumers should create a relationship with one mortgage expert. Once that is set in stone the stress of ‘shopping,’ knowing if you are getting the best product or having to re-explain your story along with goals again and again goes out the window. Not every mortgage is designed to fulfill each financing consumers needs. Thats why each industry described in this piece has professionals to guide us through the options.

The ultimate situation for me is when I can tie all 3 of these topics into one scenario. On numerous occasions I’ve had the opportunity to ride a bike trail that I have never ridden before, while at the end enjoying a crisp refreshing beer all the while sharing the moment with a new client. I’ve had the chance to do this several times in my mortgage career and it’s an awesome feeling. You know you have a client for life when you can connect with them on a social level. This business isn’t about spending thousands of dollars on marketing, it’s much simpler…business filters down through friendship and commonality. A good beer, a fresh new loamy trail and a proven mortgage expert should never be kept a secret. As humans we should be socially responsible to educate each other and share information.