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Michael Hallett

Mortgage Expert


Hi, I’m Michael Hallett, thanks for visiting my website. Here is a bit about me and how I came to become a mortgage professional.

I have proudly lived my whole life in BC. I spent the first 10 years of my life in a small town called Holberg on the north end of Vancouver Island at the height of the logging industry, however now it is better known as the gateway to Cape Scott Provincial Park. From there, the four of us (mom/dad and sister) moved around some. It was at this time that I developed a love for the outdoors, I guess living in a remote part of BC will do that to you!

Skipping ahead a fair bit, my then girlfriend and now wife Kirstin and I moved to Whistler to pursue jobs and live the outdoor lifestyle. It was there that my entrepreneurial spirit was starting to take shape. In the next couple of years I self-started two businesses in the tourism industry including a guided mountain bike adventure company. It was around this time in Whistler that Kirstin and I bought our first home… and when I first became interested in home financing.

A year after our son Aidan was born we decided to move back to Coquitlam to pursue different careers. After purchasing our second home in 2009, I knew that I wanted to become a Mortgage Expert, so I did. I have been helping clients ever since!

When Kirsten and I are not working and Aidan isn’t in school, you will likely find us hiking, biking, skiing, camping, boating, playing hockey or lacrosse, or on the road or trail somewhere. To say we are an active family is an understatement, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Mortgage Services

Here are some of the services I provide.

Home Purchase

If you are looking to purchase a property, understanding all the mortgage options available to you can seem overwhelming. That’s where I come in, I do this everyday, and I love it. I will help you make sense of all the numbers and provide you with options that make sense to you and arrange the mortgage that suits your goals!



Before you go out and start shopping for a new house, you need a plan. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time buying a home or your hundredth, financial situations change, rules change, interest rates change. The best place to start is with a preapproval, so you know exactly how much buying power you have.



Are you looking to access some of the equity built up in your property? Maybe you want to consolidate some debts, start a new business, buy a vacation or investment property or travel the world… regardless, I can discuss all your mortgage refinancing options with you!

Burke Mountain Developments

If you are looking to purchase a home in the new Burke Mountain Development, I know the project very well and would love to help you arrange mortgage financing. I live in Coquitlam and spend most of my free time in Pinecone Burke Mountain Provincial Park. If you are looking for an inside man to help you navigate the area, you’ve found him.


Okay, so maybe a calculator really isn’t a service, but if you click through this link, it will take you to a page with a some really fun options to run some calculations on your own. When you have things somewhat figured out, give me a shout and we can see exactly where you stand.

Contact Me Anytime

Obviously there are a lot more services I can offer and a lot more information I can share with you. Consider this my invitation to contact me with your questions, I would love to work with you and help you figure out a plan not only to get you a mortgage, but to help you get rid of it. Talk soon!

DLC Videos

Want to know a little more about what working with a broker looks like? These videos are for you!


Here are some of the nice things people have said about me.

“Highly recommended to friends and family”

As first time home buyers, we had many questions and concerns. Even if not directly related to the mortgage, Michael was always readily available to provide answers or direct us to them. Despite some unforeseen changes on our end including shifting our purchase to a different home, he provided us with everything we needed and made the mortgage process nearly free of any stress.

Would highly recommend him to friends and family!

Ryleigh & Jeff

May 2015

“Sealed The Deal”

We can honestly say that we would not be in our home now if it hadn’t been for Michael’s incredible service and willingness to go above and beyond for his clients. After all of Michael’s help during our 7 month search for our first home, we ended up being one of 3 offers on a home that had only been listed earlier that day – just a little stressful! Michael personally put in a call to the listing Realtor to strengthen our offer and assure that our financing would come through. Michael sealed the deal for us and our offer – which wasn’t the highest of the 3! – was accepted the next morning! We will continue to recommend Michael to everyone I know.

Kerriann & Tony Smith

March 2015

“Highly Recommend Michael”

It was definitely a pleasure working with Michael. From day one he was upfront and honest about my unique credit situation, however he was also the positive reinforcement I needed to keep going and give it a try. Even when the banks wouldn’t give me the time of day, he was certain we would find someone who would give me a chance. He was very patient with my questions (I am sure they seemed to be never-ending at times), and helped to guide me through the many different stages of purchasing a home.

Thanks to Michael and his dedication, he found a lender that would work with my situation and I now own my first home. He also has coached me on how to fix my credit rating, and I am pleased to say that my credit score is already considerably higher than when we began this process. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a mortgage!


March 2015

“As Stress Free As Possible”

As young first time home buyers, we didn’t have much knowledge on obtaining a mortgage, or how the whole process worked. Our broker, Michael Hallet of Dominion Lending was extremely helpful and accommodating.

He made buying our first home and understanding the financial aspect behind it as stress free as possible. He also continues to provide us with information on current rates, along with helpful information that furthers our knowledge on being money savvy homeowners.

We would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to purchase a new home, especially people new to the process.

Dan & Caitlin

January 2015

Lender Partners

Here are some of the lenders that I work with.


This is where I share valuable information.
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Bank of Canada Rate Announcement Jan 18th, 2017

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Increased Home Owner Grant Threshold in 2017

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